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Card Solitaire Game


Do you want to discuss in the most famous universal game in history? If you cant stop playing cards and you like to find a solution to the riddles of every game dont miss this fantastic opportunity that we offer you, as here you can play over and over again without even having to leave home, what are you waiting for?To begin you must know the rules of the application, because it if not you will waste time and the other opponents will advance you in score. When you select a new game the cards will be distributed on the board in seven columns and the rest of the pack will be face down, your main objective will be to stack all the cards by pint (diamonds, hearts, spades and clovers) and in numerical order in the corresponding four boxes, but remember, always beginning with the aces. If you find yourself stuck at some point without knowing how to continue youll have the chance to steal one card until you can use one, otherwise youll lose the game and youll have to start over from the beginning.
You will have the most innovative music and graphics of the screens, totally fun designs and a very easy interface to use: just swipe your finger across the panel and choose the movements you think appropriate, Lucky boy!